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The Balestrini Omnia is a compact, simple to use, flexible CNC machining centre capable of executing a number of different machining operations such a tenoning (square end or round end), slot mortising, end cutting and boring. The machine works through axis interpolation according to what has been programmed through the special user friendly TCAS Balestrini software. The Omnia is comprised of two working unit. The first spindle is for tenoning and end cutting operations, while the second spindle is for boring and mortising. Both spindles are controlled by the NC with 2 axis interpolation. For tenoning / end cutting / boring / mortising on the end of a component twin tables are used which are fitted with pneumatic vertical clamps. Thanks to the sequenced operation there is no 'down time' from table to table this maximising production output. When mortising or boring along the length of a component, the tables easily fold down and slide away to allow the 3 fully adjustable clamping cylinders, positioning assisted through the CNC, to be easily and quickly set for straight or shaped components.

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