Eritrea - Tigre song "Fejer" by Ahmed Sheik - ፈጅር - فجر للفنان احمد شيخ

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Daha fazla
Eritrea - Tigre love music by Ahmed Sheik. An unusual aspect of Tigre rhythm is what has been called the metronome sense, the ability of many musicians to perform for long periods without deviating from the exact tempo. Group performances are most typical, and the call-and-response style with a solo leader and responsorial group is used throughout Eritrea. Most Tigre music is based on forms of diatonic scales, closely related to European scales; so the Western listener may find it more familiar, more accessible than the music of Asia. - ሕላየት ፍቲ እብ አሕመድ ሸኽ - اغنية عاطفية للفنان احمد شيخ

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