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http://www.ekovata.lt/ EKOVATA is the insulation material, which stand outs from other similar products. It's ecological. It has excelent heat and sound insulation characteristics. It is being produced in Lithuania by the use of Finnish technologies. EKOVATA is being used since 1893. Germans call it "IZOFLOK", Finns - "EKOVILA", Lithuanians-"EKOVATA". EKOVATA is a wood fiber impregnated with non-volatile materials. Advantages of EKOVATA EASY TO INSTALL ECO-FRIENDLY EKOVATA is made from recycled paper by adding non-volatile organic substances: borox and boracic acid, which have no negative effects on health. BIO-PROOF Boron compounds protect the EKOVATA and contiguous to it surfaces from rot and fungus. Insects and rodent don't reproduce in EKOVATA. MOISTURE-PROOF Humidity of EKOVATA depends on humidity of environment, i.e. it's humidty changes just like in the timber. When humidity increases outside, the fibers of EKOVATA stick together. A kind of membrane is formed this way, which prevents the air to flow further inward. That's why the membrane of insulation of humidity is not required when using EKOVATA. HYGIENIC EKOVATA does not contain any volatile toxic compunds. It's ascertained, that the salts of boracic acid are completely non-volatile. They can only be carried by hot steam of boiling water. This, of cource, is not possible in any ordinary situation in current context. SAFE EKOVATA is classified as refractory material. It protects wooden and metal surfaces form the effect of fire. When salts of boracic acid are heatened, moisture is released which prevents the oxygen for flowing in and also absorbs some heat. EKOVATA does not burn nor melt, but only smoulders for as long as there is an external source of fire. And in case of fire EKOVATA does not emit any toxic substances. ECONOMICAL (only with professional use) No wasted or excess material (the right amount on the right time). No cost of storage. No costs of load/unload.

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