Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Using Epsom Salt --Add Solution to Dead Interstate battery Part 2 of 6

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Using Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) to Desulfate a Lead Acid Battery that has a dead cell. Table of contents: Part 1: Initial addition of the chemicals http://youtu.be/vqfaziZE1XM Part 2: Adding Solution to Dead Interstate Megatron battery http://youtu.be/lFEnErs68XM Part 3: First Tests after Charging http://youtu.be/W_vpvjRIsHU Part 4: After Overnight Full Charge + Demoing Capacitive Desulfating Charger http://youtu.be/OF6obbSSUws Part 5: Using one of our custom built Capacitive Chargers to Pulse Desulfate Further. http://youtu.be/IlKaz3iv168 Part 6: Interstate Battery after 1 week on Desulfating Charger + Solution http://youtu.be/WCAG2oJffvY K-Man Scooters & Electric Cars http://KmanScooters.com http://MidwestScooterParts.com

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