New DLC for Need for Speed Most Wanted All Cars

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Daha fazla
1,000,000 view giveaway coming soon! Subscribe for a chance to win a $50 gift card of your choice! Like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter for updates: New DLC for Need for Speed Most Wanted All Cars I go through every new car you get with the new Need for Speed Most Wanted downloadable content. Pretty cool. Couple muscle cars, couple imports. They also added 2 or 3 races to every car and added a couple mods. Drift tires, Jump Nitrous, and Ram. I'll be putting up more videos in the next couple days of more in depth on the DLC. Update - apparently I uploaded the wrong video this has everything but the nissan 350z and bmw m3 gtr and porsche 911 gt2 but I have videos of them up they are here: Nissan 350z - Bmw m3 gtr - and Porsche 911 gt2 - I have many videos up of all the cars, like and subscribe for more! Here's a my Most Wanted playlist: Also check me out on facebook: Http://

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