RC Aerodyne Beechcraft Baron G58 Composite ARF

flyboytha1 02:11 12984
Daha fazla
The Next Build Will Be. The Baron 58 is a very stable airplane. A lot of emphasis was put into the design of the wing allowing for slow but stable approaches. With all twins on approach, always keep power on. The plane has been tested in 20 knot gusts and still holds wings level fairly well considering the conditions. Flare and ground effect is amazing. The Baron will glide in ground effect for quite some time before it settles into its specially designed spring loaded landing gear. Its very soft and with the 1 " of travel you get from the strut, I sometimes almost feel as if I was landing a off road RC car or truck. The gear is not necessarily designed to take extreme hard landings but to absorb landings on dirt or grass runways and keep the plane from bouncing back up into the air.

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