Hugs and Kisses Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

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Daha fazla
The tutorial for the Hugs and Kisses ring can be found on my channel. This bracelet can also be found on Tutorial shows how to make a Hugs and Kisses Beaded Bracelet. Materials needed: For a 7 inch bracelet------------------------------For a 8 inch bracelet 8 ft. of 10lb. test fishing---------------------------8 ft. of 10lb. test fishing line 10-7mm or 8mm round beads blue------------11-7mm or 8mm round beads blue 11-5mm or 6mm round beads green---------12-5mm or 6mm round beads green 40-3mm or 4mm round beads black----------44-3mm or 4mm round beads black 20-3mm or 4mm round beads purple---------22-3mm or 4mm round beads purple 11 aught seedbeads in 3 colors----------------11 aught seedbeads in 3 colors lobster claw clasp or toggle----------------------lobster claw clasp or toggle 2 jump rings----------------------------------------2 jump rings

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