Review: Armscor 1911A2 FS PS

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Daha fazla
Review of the Armscor 1911A2 FS PS (in 9mm). Hi cap 1911. Specs: A2 - high capacity frame FS - full size PS - practical series Caliber - 9mm Barrel length - 5 inches Overall length - 8.74 inches Weight, empty - 2.6 lbs Magazine capacity - 17 rounds (see video for notes on this) *Note on magazine compatibility: Will accept Armscor, Para Ordnance (P14 for .45 ACP, P16 for .40 S&W, P18 for 9mm) and Mec-Gar high-capacity 1911 magazines Finish - Parkerized Trigger pull - 1.81-2.27 kgs (4-5 lbs) Armscor also makes the 1911A2 FS PS series in .45 ACP and .40 S&W. Note on Armscor: "Armscor which makes Rock Island Armory, STI Spartan, Citadel, High Standard and formerly Charles Daly" (Source: miGsKills) This video was made for informational purposes and for the viewer's appreciation.

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