(Demo) Touhou 14 東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character - Perfect Stage 3 Lunatic (NMNB)

jaimers91 04:19 10288 67
Daha fazla
So demo for new Touhou came out. No death, no bombs stage 3 etc. I was really worried where this series was heading after TD, but it looks like this new game is shaping out to be one of ZUN's best games yet. The stages are well designed and the POC system is a very cool risk-reward system. Music and shottypes are very nice too. The stage 3 boss is about twice as hard as the rest of the game so far combined. It's quite crazy. Some have been saying she's the hardest stage 3 boss in the series. The midboss card and final card had people stumped for a while, but the midboss card is not that bad if you misdirect it and dodge at the appropriate place and the final ain't so bad if you follow the path that I'm following. The boss is still crazy random though, which makes for some annoying patterns sometimes.

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