My Testimony - Claire Andoun Atongo

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Know More about VIRTUOUS WOMEN IN CHRIST( VWC) Ministry: The Ministry of all the Sisters In Christ that have made up their mind to live in holiness inwardly and outwardly. This is the ministry of all Sisters preparing for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ without spot or wrinkle This is the ministry under the coordination of Claire Atongo Andoun with a vision and instruction from God to warn all women to desist from all forms of worldliness This is a ministry of all sisters bearing the fire of God to fight against the activities of the queen of the coast in the church with prayer Join us by giving us your skype name ,phon number and your actual country of residence visit our website here ( contact number ( +353 86 25 25 748 ) skype name ( virtuous women in Christ ) copy and add me on your skype Click on my picture with a yellow background .My left hands up. If not you will get the wrong skype of me shalom .....

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