CDL Offset Parking Blind Side

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On Offset Parking - Blind Side - Steps 1. Line Up The truck and Trailer where they tell you to. (After you've Come Out of Your Straight Backing) 2. Turn Your Wheels left (12 to 12) One revolution Left. Start backing in till you see the(V) between the landing gears bars (V) (RIGHT SIDE - MIRROR) slip in half. Stop 3. Turn your wheels all the way right (Hard right) Start backing in again till the tractor and trailer are straight. Stop. 4. Back in straight some till your left trailer mud flaps lines up with the yellow line (left of the box. Stop. Get Out And Look! (GOAL) If it lines up you good other adjust. 5. Turn Your Wheel Right all the way (Hard Right) and start backing in. You will see the "V" of your landing gears (LEFT SIDE - LEFT MIRROR) again but this time go past them a notch till you see DAYLIGHT ( V.) Stop. 6. Hard Left and continue to Back in. Now your tractor and trailer should start lining up with the parking and adjust from there and back in. You may need to pull up just to adjust. There you go trucker!! I did this and pass. You should too.

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