Como Hacer una Pinata (How to Make a Pinata)

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Daha fazla
This is a video detailing how my friend Jess and I made a pinata of (Girl Genius) Agatha Heterodyne's "Little Pocket Watch Clank" for our end-of-year Spanish project. It's not very informational, as there are no directions. (Because we basically made it up as we went along.) While the pinata its self was generally accepted by the class as awesome, it was also a fantastic opportunity to get together and talk trash about everyone we know. :] The music we used is from John Clarke. We're not affiliated with him, but his videos came up when I searched "spanish guitar music" here on youtube. He's an amazing musician and you should go check him out. And while you're checking stuff out, you should look at Girl Genius. It's an amazing steampunky mad science/romance webcomic/comic by Phil and Kaja Foglio. I love it to death. Some links to John Clarke and Girl Genius:

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