VZ44 26.5mm Flare Pistol + Sub Caliber .45LC, .410

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Flare Pistol, CZECH Model VZ44, 26.5mm w/ Holster, Lanyard, Cleaning Rod & Brush Fresh off the boat from the Czech Republic, these 26.5mm flare pistols appear to be unfired. They come lightly coated in oil, wrapped in protective plastic and slipped inside a genuine leather carry case. The soft leather case conveniently holds five signal flares and has pockets for a bore brush and cleaning rod which are also included. These are some of the finest signal flare sets we've seen in some time. Specs: Gray finish, 5-7/8" barrel and brown plastic grips. Includes a lanyard, cleaning rod, bore brush, and leather flap holster with adjustable shoulder strap and pockets. No FFL Required. Kennesaw Cannon Company Sub Caliber Device ... for .45 Long Colt And .410 shotshell

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