Sosua Chica

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Daha fazla
This is a chica that I spent most of my vacation with in Sosua. I swear I would marry this women and bring her back to Toronto with me, but number one she is a hooker, she is tattooed up like a federal inmate and she has a kid. I had a great time with her, though. Outside "Club 59 Classic" in Sosua , in the Dominican Republic. The females in this club are 95% prostitutes and the males are 90% tourists and 89% tricks (as in customers). I myself enjoyed the females of the night for my week in Sosua. I "freaky freaky" freaked every single day. I think prostitution should be legalized in the DR just like it is in the state of Nevada and in Amsterdam. The women from the Dominican are the most beautiful that I have ever seen in my life and my week there was the best that I have ever had! I think every man should visit there (but leave the women at home, even though I seen a 60 year old white women and a 20 year old Dominican together on my resort).

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