Minecraft: How to Install WeepCraft 8.1 Hacked Client- WeepCraft (The New Nodus)

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How to Download WeepCraft 1.7.2 and 1.7.9 (The New and Improved Nodus) WeepCraft Download: http://adf.ly/b67Ax Instrutions/Steps If your are stuck!! Common problem is Safari not being able to download the file so go ahead and get a internet browser like Google Chrome or somthing. 0:01- Go to WeepCraft Website you can type in WeepCraft in google or go to link in description above. Once your there you're going to want to scroll down to the download button and download the WeepCraft version 4.6. Version 4.6 is not compete because they will be adding Optifine mod to it soon. The download button is black and its beside the Minecraft 1.6.2 platform button. 0:26- Once you click that a website called LinkBucks will come up then your going to want to wait the 5 seconds then click "Skip This Ad." Once you do that a page with a download button that says WeepCraft 4.6 Download will appear and your going to want to click that and download it. 0:51- Once you have download WeepCraft the folder will be called WeepCraft_4.6. Next open finder then click Users, (Your Username), Library, Application Support, Minecraft, and finally Versions. 1:32- Now that your in the Versions file you want to open the WeepCraft_4.6 folder and take out the file that says WeepCraft. Next put the WeepCraft folder or .jar into the versions folder then start up Minecraft. 1:48- First click New Profile on the botton left hand part of the screen then name the profile WeepCraft. Then your going to want to go to the "Use Version' tab and scroll to the bottom then top again. If you don't do this the file wont appear. Now your going to want to pick the Version WeepCraft then click save. 2:18- Now your ready to play minecraft 1.6.2 with the hacked client Weepcraft. This works online and you click left control to open the hack hub. Thats the button beside option and fn if your on Mac. Thanks for Watching and Reading please Comment like and subscribe. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/RevlisHD Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/108733010433999854598/ Subscribe Here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN1q0xaLB3yH4F__jVbhyqA

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