[Gumi] Kakehiki Game カケヒキゲーム [English Subtitles]

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How about we all just agree to be honest with each other ok? Producer's Comment: "Perhaps if we met again one day, from that bad ending, let's reset and start again." I love that look when Gumi calls him thickheaded. It's like the perfect "I think you're an idiot but it still makes me sad" kind of thing lololol. This takanon song was requested by my friend Shizuo. It's another cute but frustrating "confessions are scary things!" story. I really love the art. I know I'm going to get made fun of, but Gumi just has that ideal "perfect girlfriend" style of look about her (in anime form), not sexy or childish, just a normal, attractive girl with a kind heart. That cute wink while holding the book and the flustered face when realizing she was just making up excuses...my two favorite faces by far lol. I've really been translating alot of Gumi songs recently haven't I? She just has such a cool voice. I didn't do any sub effects with this song as Gumi basically doesn't stop singing the whole way through, so its already a bit hard to read...especially since takanon-san really abuses Japanese's unique ability to fit in alot of meaning into small spaces with particles and vagueness. So putting in the equivalent English often leads to a mouthful, so good luck! Anyhow some quick translation notes: 1. I was going to translate カケヒキゲーム as "Strategy Game" or "Bargaining Game" but since the meaning is somewhat ambiguous in the context of the story I left it in romaji form. Generally this word has several different applications ranging from bargaining, to tactics, strategy, and haggling, but as you can see most of the time I chose to use strategy in the song. However you could also argue at times カケヒキゲーム represents the unspoken bargaining the couple is doing as to whom should confess first. -In the middle there are the following lyrics: "I'm not trying to be there for everyone, there's only one I have eyes for". This is an equivalent stand-in for some neat Japanese "turn of a phrase" used in those two lines. First Gumi says 八方美人にしてないよ ("I'm not trying to be a Happoubijin", Happoubijin is a word that means someone who tries to please everyone, but the kanji makes it seem like "to be a beauty for 8 people (八方)"). She then says "一方美人"のつもりだよ (My goal is to be a "Ippoubijin", Ippoubijin is a made-up word that sort of implies she wants to only please one person, him) So yeah its cute and complicated but hopefully my version makes similar sense. I hope you enjoyed this song and if you have any questions, concerns, or requests please contact me or leave it in the comments. Thanks as always for watching! Credits: song title: カケヒキゲーム (Kakehiki Game) music / lyrics: タカノン illustration / movie: こみね VOCALOID: GUMI (Megpoid) Original Link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17917367 Descent's translation/discussion Blog: http://descentsubs.wordpress.com/ Descent's Tumblr: http://descent87.tumblr.com/ Descent's Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/descent87 Please go and support takenon on NND if you can!

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